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At Britt Sport Cards We Buy, Sell and Trade Sports Cards, Card Supplies and Sports Memorabilia. 

Business summary

“We are a Sports Card and Memorabilia Shop.”

Specializing in New and Vintage Sports Cards, Collections, Supplies and Sports Memorabilia. We have recently added the latest Board Games and Magic: the Gathering singles to our inventory!

Coming Soon:  We’ll be introducing Magic the Gathering sealed products and hosting in house card games, tournaments and Fantasy Team Drafts, etc.


Our Store opened in March 2011 and has grown from 800 square feet to 3500 square feet in two and a half years.  Though many businesses in our industry have come and gone our business continues to grow.

Thanks to our passionate customer base and our amazing ability to adapt to this every changing sports and gaming environment.  


About Mike

President of the Downtown Arlington Business Association.

You can visit us at:


Location and Facilities

We are located in Downtown Arlington primarily surrounded by many other locally owned businesses.

Address:  332 N. Olympic Ave Arlington WA. 98223.

2 thoughts on “About Britt Sport Cards

  1. Hello my name is Levi and I live in Arlington and have been looking to get some of my sports memorabilia and collector cards evaluated so that I can possibly sell some items to pay off some bills. If I were to bring in my collection is your company the one that decides if the item is authentic and what it’s worth is? Or do you export an expert that verifies items for the store before you buy an item off a customer? I would just like to know because like I said I would like to bring my items in to see if you would possibly be interested in buying anything from my collection. Thank you for your time have a great day!

  2. I have inherited 1000 plus baseball hockey football nascar wnba comics and gaming cards. There are rookie cards from high name players, i have7-8 boxes in no real order. I also have other memorabilia and signed baseballs would you be interested I can’t seem to unload them?

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