Two players from the Everett AquaSox will be at Britt Sport Cards in Arlington to meet local residents and sign memorabilia on August 3 from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m.

The event is free. Baseballs and cards will be available to purchase, but visitors are also welcome to bring their own, said Mike Britt, owner of Britt Sport Cards. Visitors will also be able to take photographs.

Eight tickets to the Northwest League All-Star game will be given away at the event. The All-Star game is in Everett this year, at the AquaSox’s home field of Memorial Stadium, on August 6.

Britt does not know which players are going to attend yet, but he says they will be “the top two players on the AquaSox roster at the time.”

The Everett AquaSox are the Seattle Mariners’ short season A league team. Due to the nature of the minor leagues, players will frequently get promoted off the roster to tougher leagues, so Britt or the AquaSox cannot be sure who will be available.

“The AquaSox players haven’t gone out much, except to hospitals and such. It’s nice to have some of the top players coming out to our small town,” said Britt.

He hopes that local residents and kids will be able to meet players who will eventually be playing for the Mariners. Just last year, Britt points out, Mike Zunino was playing for the Everett AquaSox and now he’s playing in Seattle.

The store has partnered with the AquaSox organization for a couple of promotions this year. Visitors to the store can submit one ticket each day into a lottery pot to win a four-ticket package to an AquaSox game.

Britt’s store also has a first pitch to give away and they’re working out the details to give a local leukemia survivor the opportunity to throw out the first pitch at an upcoming game.

Britt is excited about bringing some baseball players to his shop for the local community.

“These are the moments I look forward to the most because I dreamed of those moments when I was a kid, but because my family worked so much I never got the chance to meet players. So to give local kids the opportunity to meet some AquaSox players is just really cool,” he said.

Britt has been a lifetime collector of sports cards. He started collecting hockey cards in 1977, and then football cards in 1983 and 1984. “I never traded much, except with a couple of my friends. I just liked building my collection,” he said.

He opened Britt Sport Cards in 2011 and the store quickly grew. Eventually the store relocated into a bigger space, at 332 N. Olympic Avenue in downtown Arlington.

He attributes the growth to his location and wide demographic appeal, including Canadian hockey fans, retired community members, young kids and young businessmen.

Britt is also eager to help out the community. “We put a lot of pride in doing things for our community, this is one of the bigger things we’ve done, but we are part of a lot of other events too,” he said.

(source: North County Outlook)

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